A Brief History

In 1995, Don Webster and Doug Miller were employed as engineers working for an industrial valve manufacturing company. Both Don and Doug had experienced the aftermath of poor decisions at the corporate level that were aimed to satisfy stock holders. These poor decisions led to plant closings, layoffs, etcetera. It was in this stressful environment that Don first approached Doug with the idea of starting their own machine shop. It sounded like a great adventure, and with the support of their wives, Don and Doug started McMinnville Workholding Co. Now they were more or less in charge of their own destiny.

This was not Don's first attempt at entrepreneurship. Don had started a small machine shop where he worked at night, after working all day at the valve plant. This only lasted for a short time, as Don was called up to active duty during Desert Storm in 1991.

The first physical location for McMinnville Workholding was a 2,000 sq. ft. basement. Money was borrowed and some basic equipment was purchased. Both Don and Doug continued to work their day jobs, then hustled off to the basement shop for the night. Since their day jobs were so different from the work at night, it didn't feel like working two jobs. In fact, cranking handles was a good way to unwind from the daytime stress.

Soon, the work load was more than Don and Doug could keep up with. It was decided that they needed help, so they hired their first employee. More employees were hired soon after. At this point Don and Doug took the plunge and quit their day jobs. At the end of the first year, they were able to pay themselves about $4,000.00 each. This pay rate was down some from the salaries they were accustomed to, but the business survived.

1998 was another significant time for McMinnville Workholding. More machines and employees were going to be required if the business was to grow. Don and Doug borrowed money again, bought land, and had the first 8,000 sq. ft. of the current shop built. If the employees were not working on a customers job, they were put to work building offices, pulling wire, or plumbing the new bathrooms.

The buildings addition was driven by customer demand. When a customer approached McMinnville Workholding for help with a large fabrication project, they took it on. An additional 14,000 sq. ft. was built on to the original 8,000 sq. ft. building. Since their humble beginnings, McMinnville Workholding has maneuvered to be in the position to help their customers when they have a need. This strategy has not only made McMinnville Workholding successful, but their customers as well.

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